One thought on “Governor Schwarzenegger’s Message Following this Week’s Attack on the Capitol”

  1. I know far far too much about the real private Arnold to take him seriously. I will obey the Constitution and be a law abiding citizen, as always, but l will assume my rights to disagree with certain points far too many to present here. We do not want the lib Dem party to take over America their stated goal of socialism which is a failure alaways bedding to be propped up. I have done extensive research on this.
    The Dems have taken CA and millions here despise this fact. It’s poorly run to say the least. Highest taxes and fees. I recall when gov Arnold raised motor vehicle fees and many were angry and barely able to buy food. He did nothing for CA except chase women. We will push matters forward legally.

    They want we conservatives and moderates in this country now to follow them because they are in power and follow the same Constitution that many in their party want to change radically or even nullify it. Our answer is no!

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