My Funny Valentines: Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore

Streamed live 8 hours ago

Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, host of “The Jimmy Dore Show” available on YouTube (…) and as a podcast available on iTunes.

Three gems in three hours from Jimmy Dore:

1) “Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent.”
–Carl Gustav Jung

2) “We have a whole system of preparation of the child for life which always is preparation and never actually gets there. Making plans for the future is of use only to people who are capable of living completely in the present.”
–Alan Watts

3) “The world isn’t here to make you happy. It’s here to frustrate you ’til you wake up.”
–Eckhart Tolle


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