Conversations with Calvin

In this continuing series, you are invited to find insights that awake from in-depth conversations with interesting and piquant guests. Our next meetup is a conversation between our own ‘futurist’ HughJohn Malanaphy H.W., M. and your host Calvin Harris H.W., M. 

Our topic “Our Future Journey is Now” 

HughJohn is a 2nd generation Student, son of Livia Malanaphy, and seasoned in the Prosperos culture. He will share his unique blend of living skills that he employs within his daily activities gained from Prospersos teaching and volunteering and how he used this to springboard into various professional careers and teaching. We’ll talk about scientific and spiritual thought, as well as elements of future culture and life. HughJohn brings to this conversation his preparation of personal development as a student and the balance in career, family, recreational and spirited goals and how that was influenced by the Prosperos community. 

Hugh John and Calvin P.S. CA 2019.jpg

This event is free, one hour beginning 11:00 a.m. Pacific time- Sunday, February 28, 2021.

The Prosperos 

Sunday Meeting on Zoom

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