Book: “Boyhood with Gurdjieff”

Boyhood with Gurdjieff

Boyhood with Gurdjieff

by Fritz Peters Foreword by William Patrick Patterson.

Long out of print, this special hardcover reissue of Fritz Peters’ account of his five years with G.I. Gurdjieff ranks among the classics of Gurdjieffian literature. Only 11 years old when his aunt, Margaret Anderson, brought him to the Prieuré in June 1924, he immediately became devoted to Gurdjieff. Within weeks, however, Gurdjieff suffered a near fatal car crash. During his recovery the young boy became his “chair carrier.” Other tasks included mowing the château’s great lawns, kitchen boy, waiter and gatekeeper. He also was to clean Gurdjieff’s room, no small task as Gurdjieff delighted in wrecking it. Peters was among the few to whom Gurdjieff gave individual lessons on the teaching. An acute observer and talented writer, Peters’ crisp images and scenes, often hilarious, give a rare look at what life was like at Gurdjieff’s Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man. Peters’ interactions with Miss Madison (Ethel Merston), Rachmilevitch, and Gurdjieff’s dog Philos, as well as A. R. Orage and Gertrude Stein are quite telling. Said the writer Henry Miller of Peters’ book, “It’s full of amazing anecdotes and the wisdom of life.”


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  1. At the risk of telling the BB readership something they already know, Thane recommended “Boyhood With Gurdjieff” as the best account of what things were actually like in Gurdjieff’s school. Fritz Peters also wrote a sequel, called “Gurdjieff Remembered”, dealing with his ongoing relationship with Gurdjieff up ’til the latter’s death in 1949. A third book I’ve read, which seems dovetail perfectly with both of Peters’s is “The Unknowable Gurdjieff”, by Margaret Anderson.

    For more on “Gurdjieff Remembered”:

    For more on “The Unknowable Gurdjieff”:

    And finally, Peters did write a third book, called “Balanced Man”, for more on which:

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