Barbara Hill: August 04, 1934 – July 06, 2019

Barbara Hill

August 04, 1934 – July 06, 2019

Barbara Ann Hill passed away on July 6, 2019

From William P. Chiles:

In the few days since the passing of my sister, I have realized once again, the Old Hawaiian Wisdom works best …to just bless her name ‘out loud’ whenever she crosses my mind.  It really helps diffuse the sadness and ease-in the earthly-third-world acceptance (that must, on this departed, separate physical plane, BE).

Some people leave quietly from your life, then there are the “powerful forces” that leave a void …rather like lightning on the far horizon, and that silence-void …just before the clap of thunder.  And so the latter is, with the Barbara Hill we knew as “Big Sista”.  Not just her incredible work as an intensive care, critical-ward nurse, but her natural dynamics as a powerful personality (you astrology buffs would attribute it to Leo with an Aquarian “Queen’s” Life Path).
Today’s chuckle of a memory out of that far horizon, was her little story in the early 90’s of meeting a man at a Beverly Hills cocktail party.  All she imparted about him was his goofy, boy-ish, kind of clingy attitude (Barbara “drew people in need of strength and healing to her like a magnet).  All she said further about him was, “he was obviously in his seventies or eighties, and had led a very hard life”.  “Very interesting to talk to, though.”  And, “oh yes, he said his name was Dr. Timothy Leary”.
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  1. My sister Barbara Hill, HW, M joined the Prospero’s in 1962. She saw an ad in the Tulsa paper that read, “ Straight Thinking in the Abstract.” As well as I can remember, the lecture was offered for $20.00 . This was our introduction to NORMA KELLER .
    Barbara was working in the first Planned Parent organization and I was the first Dental Hygienist in Oklahoma. We did not fully realize then, that we were pioneers of both of these professions.
    Barbara spent more than 15 years working at the Prospero’s Center. Her daughterAnn Lois worked along side Barbara after school and on weekends. Barbara’s husband David, added his expertise his being a Printer. But, what I remember with the utmost admiration and respect was when we were at home in the evenings. (27 of we students rented two big houses next to each other.).

    Barbara drew people in need and I loved to listen to her end of the phone calls. She had a way of calming and encouraging people to carry on and she would stay with someone all night if that was what it took to leave them in a good place.
    When Thane’s mother could no longer manage, Barbara volunteered to become ELFIE’s private nurse until her death .
    I still cry when t remember when the ambulance came for Elfie’s body Barbara’s children had a couple of friends over and Barbara sat them down and told them what was going on. And Barbara did the most remarkable thing! Barbara said, “we need to make Elfie’s very happy on her way to heaven. Let’s all line up outside and when they bring Elfie out of the house let’.s all wave and say bye bye to Elfie.” And they did and the kids went back in, happy as larks, and went on playing their games. That was Barbara.
    And then when Thane became ill, Barbara moved to Hawaii as Thane’s private nurse until Thane’s death.
    There are more stories visiting Thane here and stories on the road with wonderful Norma Keller, but right now I want you to see this remarkable one girl, Barbara Hill who made this world a little better because she was here.
    The thanks go to Thane’s teaching and The Prospero’s for lighting our path to this wonderful life.

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