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How to Create a Zoom Meeting and Invite People to Join

First, watch this 45-second video about Zoom Meetings:
The following Zoom Invitation is one from my personal Zoom account because I didn’t want to use the Prosperos’ Pro Zoom account to illustrate my points.
But this invitation is just for illustration; it’s a genuine Zoom invite, but I won’t be holding that meeting! Emoji
The black type or blue type is what Zoom actually gives you when you schedule a Zoom meeting. The red type are my comments.  

I’ll cover how to schedule a Zoom meeting below the Zoom Invite.

Ok so this is how a Zoom Invitation looks when you schedule a meeting:

Hi there,
Ben Gilberti is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. <This you can change to whatever you want.
Topic: Ben Gilberti’s Zoom Meeting <This also you can change to whatever you want.
You can also enter here any more description about your meeting beyond the Topic.  
Time: Nov 9, 2018, 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) <I usually put in a few more time zones here, since we are reaching globally, especially GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).  Anybody in the world will be able to tell when your meeting starts if you supply the GMT time. 
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: <This is for joining the Zoom meeting you scheduled.  
Or iPhone one-tap :
    US: +16465588665,,225841423#  or +14086380986,,225841423#
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 646 558 8665  or +1 408 638 0986
    Meeting ID: 225 841 423 <You’ll need to use this number when you start your meeting.  I’ll show you what I mean below.
    International numbers available: <The link above this one is actually International for using the Zoom interface.  This link is for International people who don’t have a computer and want to call in using their phone. If they click on this link, they’ll see the phone numbers to use outside of the USA. Most of them are toll-free.
You can put any photo of yourself or any kind of artwork here.
To generate the above Zoom invitation, after you log on to Zoom, you’ll see this interface:
Inline image < this is not active  now

And all you have to do is click on “Schedule,” fill in the data for your meeting, and then click on Copy to Clipboard, and then paste the contents of the clipboard into your email, Facebook page, Twitter or Skype message.
To start your meeting, click on “Meetings” on the bottom of the above interface. That will open the following interface:
Inline image

Don’t click on the first “Start” button or it will start a completely different meeting.
If you hover of “Today,” if this was an active interface, it would open a new “Start” button that will be for the meeting you’ve invited people to attend. Usually, it will not say “Today” but rather the date your meeting is to occur. You can check to be sure that you are starting the right meeting by comparing the Meeting ID in the interface above with the Meeting ID that shows up on your meeting invite above. Make sure both meeting ID’s are the same. Start your meeting about ten minutes before it is scheduled to begin so people joining your meeting will find you there if they come early.
And remember, a Zoom meeting can be recorded and converted into a YouTube video that you can use to share with others.
If you don’t have Zoom on your computer, type “” in your browser, press enter, download Zoom, click on the “exe” file that will show up in the lower left-hand corner to install Zoom, sign-up for a free account, sign in, and you’ll get the interface shown above.
However, the friends or prospects you will be sending the Zoom Invitation to will not have to prepare in any way, they will be prompted to download zoom if they don’t already have it and will then automatically be placed in your meeting.
I encourage all of you to create Zoom meetings with your Free Zoom Account for your private circle of friends just for social reasons. Those meetings, started with a Free Zoom Account, have a time limit of 40 minutes.  The Prosperos Pro Zoom Account has no time limit.
Remember, Zoom meetings are video meetings, so remember to clean up, dress up and put on your makeup. Emoji
If you believe you may qualify for a Prosperos Pro Zoom Account, send an email to Rick Thomas and ask if you are eligible. Rick Thomas is the Administrator of the Prosperos Pro Zoom Account. But realize that the number of Prosperos Pro Zoom accounts is very limited.
Rick and I have created a 19-minute video about all of this.  For those of you in my Spontaneity Course, this video is spontaneous, because Rick and I didn’t plan anything in advance, we just started talking about how to create your own Zoom meeting and how to invite your friends.  Since the video is spontaneous, it’s slightly clumsy in a folksy, charming and almost humorous way, but it does the job. In the video, we even show you how to convert the recording of your Zoom meeting into a YouTube  video.
Here is the video Rick and I have made for you:
And of course, I’m always available to answer questions.
Ben Gilberti

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