Astrology 2021- The Year of the Philosopher’s Stone

Matthew Stelzner Working with astrology is of huge help in the Alchemical process. Not all moments in time have the same opportunities for growth. Some years hold greater astrological potential than others, and I believe there has rarely been a more helpful moment in history to take your own personal process all the way to your Philosopher’s Stone. I’ve described the astrological alignments of 2020 and early 2021 as being so rare and so powerful, that a kind of once-in-many-lifetimes type of wisdom can be yours. I see the first four months of 2021 (and especially March and April) as being the best months for integrating this wisdom. This is the early stages, but perhaps you can already see your philosopher’s stone of understanding crystalizing in ways that will aid you in your journey from this point forward. I want to encourage you to focus on the week of March 8th through the 14th as a particularly good time to be engaging in this integration process. During this week the Moon goes across two different triple conjunctions of planets making them each quadruple conjunctions for a few days. These quadruple conjunctions are very rare alignments that I like to call super portals. This means that that week there are two super portals, with their multiple new cycles of time beginning, happening back to back. The first goes across a Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunction, and I’m calling this alignment the “Philosopher’s Stone Super Portal.” It coincides with the last of the inner planets going across the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluito triple conjunction that has dominated the last year, and that has been ending in these last weeks. Thus Mercury is the final activation of this alignment while they are relatively close together. During the 9th-11th the Moon joins and gives an opportunity for personal vulnerable connection, on a feeling level, with the longer, more mental, alignment with Mercury. What’s great is that this alignment of the Moon with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn will be visible before sunrise. It will be very worth waking up early to go out somewhere with a clear view of the eastern horizon about an hour before sunrise, and if the sky is clear you will see Mercury very close to Jupiter with Saturn about 9 degrees above Jupiter. On the 9th the Moon will be above Saturn and on the 10th very close to both Mercury and Jupiter. It is very rare to have 4 of the visible planets so close together, so I hope you will check it out. If you do, it would be an excellent time to pray for guidance and perhaps do some ritual practice as you open yourself to receive loving messages of guidance. The second super portal I’m calling the “Heart Chakra Super Portal of 2021” (video coming soon) and it comes just a day later when the Moon moves onto a Sun, Venus, Neptune triple conjunction, and I’m calling this one the “Heart Chakra Super Portal of 2021.” For me this quadruple conjunction is the safe landing pad we’ve been looking for. After a year of pain and loss, Venus offers loving sweet waters with Neptune, and the Sun lights a beacon so you know where to find her. This is the perfect alignment for surrendering to a healing love force which can bust your heart chakra wide open…if you let it. Check me out on Instagram where you will find unique content that is not shared here: @tarot_and_lola To explore more of my work and get information about my intuitive readings: Visit my website at If you sign up for my mailing list you will receive my newsletter and special promotions. I’m offering promotional discounts on my readings for the next 10 days, and this is only for people on my mailing list, so sign up now Check out my recent videos on the powerful alignments of 2021 at: Very Powerful Astrology December 2020 – March 2021:​ Very Powerful Astrology December 2020 – March 2021 –Part Two:​ 6 Planets in Aquarius: Is this the Dawning of a New Age?-

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