Aquarius New Moon

Wendy Cicchetti

The Aquarius New Moon brings a blast of fresh air, beyond the shadows of recent eclipses. However, with the Sun and Moon square Uranus, planet of the unexpected, some developments may arrive as searing bolts from the blue, not gentle breezes wafting away the cobwebs! While Aquarius is associated with fairness, we may be quite struck by how unfair a set of circumstances seems.

Whether or not we feel motivated or empowered to do anything about it is perhaps an issue for the longer-term future, since a New Moon often coincides with a situation that feels “too early” for clear and confident action. But we can still work on the seeds of a possible plan, with a “to be continued” storyline underpinning it.

Any fallout some of us may have to handle, around this Uranus square, could take extra time and energy to manage. With a Uranian-style lightning strike, there may be no denying that something has changed, but taking in all the details of the change requires inner and outer adjustments. These can involve levels of rebuilding, quite fitting for Uranus in Taurus, which is linked with construction.

With Uranus aspecting the Sun and Moon, it could seem as though there is some collective inevitability around any unusual activity we encounter, which may be accompanied by a sense of frustration over lack of individual power. There might be another way of seeing the situation, though. Whatever Uranus represents may have a protective quality, more akin to the well-meaning guardian than the despotic ruler!

Since this planet is associated with sweeping out the old, it could, for instance, be that circumstances force us to get rid of anything that has exceeded its use-by date. While we may have continued to hold onto something, we might have lost touch with the obvious rationale behind keeping it. Any lack of clarity is underlined by the Sun and Moon semi-square Neptune. And any such blurriness could soon be erased, as the more clear-cut Uranus focus takes over — bringing restoration to a fresh level of sanity with the introduction of something new.

If the tornado-like dynamism of Uranus seems too much to cope with at times, we can also take some comfort in knowing that, with the New Moon’s square to Uranus emphasizing early degrees of the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus, we are really just at the beginning of a new order. Things may be up in the air — even torn adrift — but this is just the start of a much-needed shakeup. With outer-planet activity, we can be fairly sure that nothing is purely personal; events are related to a force coming to the surface at a collective level, since what is afoot is best for the whole group.

This might not seem so easy to accept if we are experiencing private turbulence, but it may become so when we choose to connect more with others. We could soon realize that we are truly not alone, even if some of our circumstances have a uniquely individual signature. Again, this is part of the challenge of the Neptune semisquare: to be able to spot where there are similarities with and reflections in other people, rather than concentrating only on our individual trials.

This article is from the Mountain Astrologer, written by Diana Collis.

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