Absolute Certainty will Always Win

What is the relationship between understanding, clarity and illumination? And how are they used in Translation to melt our beliefs in error?

Nothing contaminates heaven but belief in error, nothing makes possible belief in error but ignorance, nothing dissolves Absolute Certainty will Always Winignorance but understanding, nothing evokes understanding but clarity, and nothing provides clarity like the illumination shining in the self-evidence of Truth.

So the objective of a Translation is to use as much clarity as possible, to evoke as much understanding as possible, to replace the ignorance behind belief in error with the clear understanding of how Truth absolutely must be the sole Reality.

The light of understanding is clearly the antidote to the darkness of ignorance.  But this understanding must be absolutely certain, because much erroneous belief simply will not melt in the face of anything less.  Sense testimony can be so longstanding and persistent that it leaves us believing in error with an almost-certain sense of conviction, and the only way to melt such a belief is with the heat that only absolute-certainty would provide.  In a Translation, a confrontation occurs between our conviction borne of sense testimony about which we are almost certain, and our new conviction borne of the self-evidence of Truth about which we can be absolutely certain.

And absolute certainty will of course always win.

~ Ben Gilberti


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