“A Mentor’s thoughts on Leadership” by Calvin Harris, H.W., M.

One more of my Mentor/Elders has crossed over to another dimensional existence. As I sat with my thoughts and memories of Billye Talmage the words of an unknown writer came to mind

“Be the things you loved most about the people who are gone.”

Ready or not the baton of leadership, I thought, has passed to us.  Understanding that in the looks of the eyes of new or younger students and clients ( No matter our label: High Watch, Mentors, Teachers, Counselors, or Coaches) we represent to them the new role model and leadership in the Prosperos School.

If we have learned from our elders, what is important, it is to help folks find the leadership within themselves, which is transformational both within and without the Soma. To provide tools for a preparedness for all the changes taking place in Consciousness and therefore society and world.

A quote by Dr. Pippa Malmgren  from her book:

The Leadership Lab, says.

“It’s not change that people resist, it’s change they can’t control or be included in.”

My thoughts drift back on to the lessons taught by my Mentors, to encourage and sometimes ‘push’ participation in Life. “If you Translate, then act in a way that shows you Translated.” (W. Perry Dickey, H. W., M).

If you see that something needs doing or appears not to be right. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. You see it, then give yourself permission to become the leader in its change – find the facts, do the research, prepare the groundwork and then ‘Act’  taking the lead to change.

A new generation of students and learners are at the doors of Self-realization and Beingness, let us point them to the handle of the door so they can open it.


One thought on ““A Mentor’s thoughts on Leadership” by Calvin Harris, H.W., M.”

  1. Michael Zonta, H. W., M.
    Congratulations on your 10-year Anniversary, and for the informative communications service that you have provided your audience, your community. and your School.
    Thank You
    Calvin Harris, H. W., M.

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