“100 years” by Gwyllm Llwydd


My paternal Grandfather served with the US Expeditionary Forces. He struggled with what he experienced and witnessed his whole life. As a youngster of 6, I can recall him giving me advice on life which took me years to decipher. When I did in my 30’s, I realized he was giving me pointers on how to survive trench warfare.

I would posit that he suffered his whole life from PTSD. He was mercurial, happy, warm then angry and shouting sometimes in the span of minutes. I know it affected his family. My father struggled with the legacy of it his whole life.

I think that it would be wise to study history a bit more, and to understand that the bitter fruits of war cascades down through the generations. I have struggled and come to grips with what I can, and how it affected me, through my father, and through his. I have witnessed the damage done to the family who came home, some perhaps whole, some wounded, others addicted to pain meds etc. I have seen the photos of those that didn’t return, leaving a hole in the fabric of their family and friends.

I know this: Good young men who love their community, and enlarging that out their country put their lives on the line, and their sanity as well. When it comes down to it, they are fodder for some munitions company profits, some bank loan to buy the munitions and for some Oligarchs wealthy horde. Our youth, generation after generation have been killed and destroyed in wars they did not make. Their love is turned into something that it should never have been.

They were slaughtered in the millions on the fields of France and Flanders, and elsewhere. The slaughter goes on to this day around the globe.

There is no honour in war. Only death, grief and the destruction of dreams and hopes.


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